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We know that as a business, you’ll appreciate the importance of demonstrating to customers, suppliers and insurers that you’re committed to improving defences and cyber security, within your organisation.

We offer two routes to Simplifying Security; SECURE Start is ideal if your organisation is just setting out on its' Cyber Security Journey, whilst SECURE Advanced is better suited to businesses that already have an established security program in place and now want to gain a deeper assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their security procedures and technologies.

Here to help you achieve the highest standards of data security

Our experienced data security specialists will work closely with you to ensure that the SECURE Advanced 3 step process delivers findings and suggestions that will enable immediate improvement of security defences. The engagement will:

  •        Drive improvement across the security portfolio
  •        Identify gaps or other opportunities for improvement
  •        Leverage value from existing investments where possible
  •        Transfer of knowledge to internal teams over the engagement period


STEP 1 – Identify

We’ll work with you to establish areas of concern and set expectations around what can be reasonably achieved within the time, budget and resource available. Prior to commencing this stage, we’ll prepare a detailed proposal identifying and allocating responsibilities and tasks which can be managed throughout the project, which will include:

  •        Audit predetermined solutions
  •        Understand current implementations
  •        Test existing security procedures and technologies
  •        Review documentation 
  •        Assess ‘fit for purpose’ status
  •        Identify opportunities for improvement
  •        Preparation of reports detailing findings and action points for improvement


STEP 2 – Improve

Working as an extension of your IT team, we can assess your current state and systematically build controls and offer guidance to strategically protect your business against cyber threats.  This phase is concerned with fixing or improving areas based on the findings at the Identify Stage. The report will suggest:

  •        Configuration changes to increase security
  •        Service improvements via process or procedure
  •        Working knowledge transfer to internal team
  •        Set reporting requirements
  •        Provide valuable updates to management on progress at this stage
  •        Development of maturity models


STEP 3 – Maintain

Data Connect will carry out checks at predetermined periods of time. These will ensure the various areas are still performing as expected, and provide an opportunity to identify any issues for further investigation. This stage will be used to check systems and reports, speak with the team and report back to IT management and key stakeholders as appropriate. We can be expected to:

  •        Provide a scorecard highlighting progress and areas requiring attention
  •        Periodic reviews and analysis of logs/reports
  •        Provide an insight into any outstanding issues that may impede a particular area
  •        Identify and review product version changes and enhancements for the areas in scope
  •        Advise on emerging security threats and information that may be pertinent to the customer
  •        Monitor and review tasks allocated to the IT team under the ‘Improve’ framework
  •        Make suggestions for improvement as appropriate
  •        Apply expert security knowledge holistically



  •        Recommend/review security strategies, architectures and infrastructures
  •        Security control development
  •        Assist in policies and standards development
  •        Develop and implement awareness programs
  •        Procurement advice and solutions
  •        Impact assessments on business strategy relating to threats, vulnerabilities and other risks
  •        Security architect on new projects
  •        Provide subject matter experts, accredited in various network and security technologies
  •        Integrate security with overall business and IT strategies
  •        Provide business security governance, leadership and advice, participating in IT steering.
  •        Act as an advisor on all cyber security policy, security strategy and risk management issues


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