GDPR is new legislation that organisations must comply with by 25th May 2018.  It is being introduced to replace the current Data Protection Act and it is aimed at extending the data rights of individuals. 


Is your business GDPR compliant?

It’s your business's responsibility to keep pace with changes in data protection laws and, as with any new legislation, it’s hard to know what action you need to take and it's easy to get caught out.

Your organisation may be required to develop clear policies and procedures to protect personal data and to adopt appropriate technical and organisational measures. 


What happens if your business has a security breach?

GDPR penalties for non-compliance are serious and could run into substantial amounts of money. If your company does have a breach, the new legislation requires disclosure of this within 72 hours of it being identified and then the organisation must prove it has taken reasonable steps, to protect against a breach. 

If it's found the organisaiton hasn't done this, then there are significant fines that can be imposed.

Whilst there are currently solutions available in the market to help locate and identify data held and other products being offered by vendors designed to monitor and protect against breaches, in isolation these may not offer the level of protection required and, if ineffectively deployed, the risk of a breach and associated penalties may be very much a reality.



Data Connect are GDPR Practitioners who help customers better understand their new responsibilities. There are three areas of breach focus: before, during and after.  We can help in all areas, but by involving us at the start of your GDPR project, we can immediately start to reduce the risk to the organisation.


Our initial focus is about providing an organisation with specialist advice through a combination of GAP analysis, audits and questionnaires to:

  •        Evaluate systems and procedures with GDPR in mind
  •        Formulate a strategy to mitigate the risks
  •        Ensure reasonable precautions are being taken to prevent a breach

An evidential approach to protecting your businesses data, reputation and future

Although it may not be possible to prevent a breach, any documentation that can be provided to the ICO, that demonstrates the actions taken to try and prevent a breach, will help reduce the level of potential fines. We can put this documentation together, suggest suitable standards to align your security strategy to, ensure a sensible Security Roadmap has been developed and demonstrate that security has been improved.


Our second focus, is ensuring that it is possible to quickly and confidently identify what has happened, should a breach occur.  To meet the 72-hour disclosure rule the organisation must have procedures and systems in place, that mean they can gather the information required by the ICO, whilst also making sure they can immediately prevent any further information being compromised.  Our experience means we will advise and help put in place the necessary tools to assist the organisation in the event of a breach, to enable timely and appropriate actions and responses.


Finally, your organisation needs to ensure that steps are taken to prevent a similar breach occurring.  It is important to demonstrate to the ICO that any breach is taken seriously, and that action has been taken, to evaluate what went wrong and why this happened. The organisation then needs to be able to prove that it has taken reasonable steps to stop a recurrence. Utilising our expertise will carry weight that the breach has been taken seriously and will give insight into how to bolster Cyber Security defences and identify further potential threats.


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