Cyber Essentials 

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed cyber security certification scheme that identifies the fundamental cyber security measures that all organisations in all sectors need to have in place.


Why is Cyber Essentials important for your business?

Whether your investment in security has been minimal or you have invested in securing your information assets against cyberattacks, accreditation will provide assurance that steps are being taken to protect against ‘low skilled’ attackers and automated tools, by ensuring basic hygiene controls are implemented. 


How can Data Connect help?

We provide accredited Cyber Essentials Practitioners, each experienced in cyber security practices and in taking organisations though to successful certification.

We work closely with an authorised Certification Body, so we’re ideally positioned to help assess your organisation against the key controls and provide practical advice and overall steering on your security improvement strategy. 

As our customers will testify, Data Connect will help take an organisation BEYOND the baseline of the Cyber Essentials Scheme. Helping address any cyber defence gaps with sound advice, leading solutions and expert services.


Accreditation at a glance

There are two levels of accreditation, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. 

The scheme addresses five key controls that, when implemented correctly, can prevent around 80% of cyberattacks: 

 1) Boundary Firewalls and Internet Gateway

 2) Secure Configuration

 3) Access Control

 4) Malware Protection

 5) Patch Management


Whichever level of accreditation you choose, you’re in expert hands



Our accredited Cyber Essentials Practitioners will assess and review the five key controls within your organisation and make informed recommendations about what is required for successful accreditation.  We’ll then ensure that the required assessment questionnaire and external vulnerability scan are completed and submitted in a suitable format, with any necessary supporting documentation.



This covers the same requirements as Cyber Essentials (CE), but also includes an additional internal vulnerability scan and an onsite assessment conducted by the certifying body.  These tests are to allow the certifying body and organisation to gain assurances that security measures are both in place and effective.  Our accredited Cyber Essentials Practioners will prepare the organisation for testing, so there are no stumbling blocks or hidden surprises.

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