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We know that as a business, you’ll appreciate the importance of demonstrating to customers, suppliers and insurers that you’re committed to improving defences and cyber security within your organisation.  We offer two routes to Simplifying Security;  SECURE Start is ideal if your organisation is just setting out on of its Cyber Security Journey, whilst SECURE Advanced is better suited to businesses that have an established program and have already invested time and technology to try and combat modern security threats.

SECURE Start is an ideal approach when unsure what strategy to follow as it provides three simple steps resulting in a more secure environment.


STEP 1  - Cyber Security Introduction(CSI)

This is a FREE introductory review delivered by one of our security experts.  It provides you with the opportunity to discuss areas of concern, identify a starting point, look at what you've already got and how to get the most from it, pick our brains and learn from our experiences and understand your compliance obligations.  We can also work with you, to get the buy in from other key stakeholders, should this be required.

  •        Free Introductory Review
  •        Opportunity to ‘pick an expert's brains’
  •        Identify some immediate improvements
  •        Assistance getting key stakeholder ‘buy in’
  •        Get more from existing technology
  •        Understand how we're helping companies drive security


STEP 2 - Cyber Security Assessment (CSA)

This is a planned and tailored consultative piece of work, that gives our customers a report detailing how their systems perform when tested against recognised CORE Controls.  The report will both highlight the results in a scorecard format and detail exact findings.

  •        Expert independent assessment of existing security technology and processes
  •        Testing done against recognised CORE Controls
  •        Results highlighted in a simple to follow scorecard
  •        Detailed user-friendly report of findings
  •        Recommendations for improvement
  •        Establish a security roadmap
  •        Cyber Essentials Evaluation
  •        FREE Review Meeting


STEP 3 - Cyber Security Review (CSR)

As threats are constantly changing, it critical that organisations understand the need to periodically review their security defences.  This allows organisations to ensure that:

  •        The Security Roadmap is updated and relevant given the constantly changing threat landscape
  •        Revaluate organisations attitude to risk
  •        Check awareness of any new product security features 
  •        Expert 3rd party verification that recommendations have been considered/implemented
  •        Results documented in a simple to follow Scorecard



  •        Recommend/review security strategies, architectures and infrastructures
  •        Security control development
  •        Assist in policies and standards development
  •        Develop and implement awareness programs
  •        Procurement advice and solutions
  •        Impact assessments on business strategy relating to threats, vulnerabilities and other risks
  •        Security architect on new projects
  •        Provide subject matter experts, accredited in various network and security technologies
  •        Integrate security with overall business and IT strategies
  •        Provide business security governance, leadership and advice, participating in IT steering.
  •        Act as a management advisor for cyber security policy, security strategy and risk management issues


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