Reverse Pen Testing

Our Reverse Pen Testing service is really popular with customers wanting to get more out of a pen test than just the normal long list of findings or those looking to prepare for their next pen test.  Findings show that many organisations do not manage to improve overall security between one pen test and the next - we're changing that.


Our consultants have penetration testing experience but they also work in other areas of security on a daily basis.  This combination of skills means we can not only identify problem areas as a pen tester would but can share expert knowledge on how to improve them.


We begin by working with you to demystify pen testing.  We'll utilise some pen testing tools, experiences and techniques to highlight how and where you could be exploited.  Relating these results to industry recognised core controls enables us to take steps there and then to make immediate security improvements.


By the end of it you’ll have started to strengthen defences by identifying some quick security wins, will have a more in depth understanding of how to make your next pen tester work really hard to identify security gaps and have a security roadmap for ongoing improvement.  You'll be able to measure results rather than just finding results.


·        Consultants with pen testing & every day security knowledge

·        Ability to test and remedy

·        Sharing of knowledge and experience to improve overall security awareness

·        Results highlighted in a simple to follow scorecard

·        Detailed friendly report of findings

·        Recommendations for immediate improvement

·        Establish a security roadmap for ongoing efforts

·        Free security review meeting upon completion



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