Simplify Security

We know security can be simple, but when you don't know where to start or when the organisation is pushing for improved security it can be very difficult to see a clear way forward.



  • So how do we move away from making panic, knee jerk reactive decisions?
  • How can put in place a roadmap of fundamentals and guidance that will allow us to measure what we have now and how we can improve it?
  • What standard should we be aiming for?
  • Which defensive measures provide us with the best value?
  • How does our security strategy align with our business values and ambitions?


As an independent security specialist Data Connect engages with clients and professionals paralysed by the options and challenges of creating and implementing the right cyber defence strategy or those who have gone down a particular path to secure their organisation and its assets but wish to validate or align their implementation against best practice and good known standards.

To assist with these challenges Data Connect have developed a consultative approach to answer key cyber defence questions:

  • How effective are our current measures and practices?
  • What are the gaps in our cyber defences?
  • What should our strategy and tactics be moving forward?



  • Understand their attitude to security risk and the threat landscape pertinent to them
  • Get an independent expert security review
  • Get the most out of what they already have
  • Identify some quick security wins
  • Avoid common mistakes & misconceptions
  • Have a clear and achievable security strategy
  • Get a holistic approach to security
  • Gets support/ buy in from other executives in the business

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  • "Working with Data Connect ensures that we continually make the right decisions when it comes to technology selection."

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