Technology Selection

Making the right decision when changing technology solutions or investing in a new area, should improve security, performance and the ability to provide valuable reporting information to the business with the minimum of effort. Making the wrong decision can be disruptive to users, consume valuable time for the IT function and be counterproductive to the business.

The criteria for successful selection goes beyond the technology itself and consideration of the vendors commitment to re-invest in research and development, accessibility and standard of their technical support, financial standing and escalation procedures when things go wrong, are also major considerations.

Data Connect constantly evaluate the IT security market place from a technology and vendor ability/service perspective and have all this information to pass on to you when compiling a shortlist of candidates for evaluation. Our methodology is to do this in conjunction with gaining a thorough understanding of what your end goal is from a technical, operational and commercial perspective.

We take great pride in giving an honest, independent appraisal of all the above elements and working with you to understand your individual needs in detail gives your organisation the best basis for making the right selection first time.

Please contact us to discuss your project requirements in further detail and we will be glad to impart our vendor knowledge and technical expertise, from which we hope will form the foundations of a mutually beneficial business relationship and successful technology selection.

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  • "Working with Data Connect ensures that we continually make the right decisions when it comes to technology selection."

    Patty Bossi,
    Global Network Manager,
    ARRIS Global Limited

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