ROI, Health Check and Solution Optimisation Review

Security technology solutions are quite often challenging to install, difficult to configure and need a degree of knowledge transfer to your IT operations team to ensure they can manage, update and extract the required information from them.

More often than not, we come across organisations that have invested heavily in a solution or service but are not gaining the potential return on investment and benefit because of incorrect deployment, configuration or lack of understanding of its full features and functionality. On some occasions the solution is never actually deployed.

This is where Data Connect comes in. Irrespective of whether your solution or service was procured through us, our services in this area put the relevant expert from our team at your disposal to ensure you have optimised the configuration for your specific technical and managerial requirements. We will also make sure you are aware of the full range of technical and reporting functions and ensure your staff have the knowledge to manage it on an ongoing basis without impinging on their valuable time and resource.

Every time we have delivered this service, the customer has seen a benefit; whether that is a 'tweak' to configuration or uncovering a new function that they never knew was there.

Call us today to discover how we can make a real difference to your investment in technology and understanding of its operation.

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  • "Working with Data Connect ensures that we continually make the right decisions when it comes to technology selection."

    Patty Bossi,
    Global Network Manager,
    ARRIS Global Limited

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