Striking the right balance between security risk and employee output isn’t easy, but with our help you can optimise your security/productivity mix.

We understand though, that for most businesses, time and human resource is a valuable and often scarce commodity.

We aim to become an extension of your team, providing sustainable and adaptable support that moves in line with your business. By working with us you’ll have flexible access to a broad scale of expertise and to specialists who can provide the best advice about specific areas of threat.

To mitigate the threats from hackers and cybercriminals for example, it is essential that you have the propensity to think like they do. That’s why our experienced team consists of Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) and Certified Information Security Systems Professionals (CSSP) to provide focused and effective advice and guidance for your organisation.

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  • "Working with Data Connect ensures that we continually make the right decisions when it comes to technology selection."

    Patty Bossi,
    Global Network Manager,
    ARRIS Global Limited

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