Data Connect working with South Yorkshire Housing Association Limited


How did you hear about Data Connect?

"Simon Kean introduced Data Connect to SYHA approximately seven years ago. From our initial 'no nonsense' chat with Simon we were very keen to learn more about how SYHA might benefit from DataConnect's services".

How did Data Connect identify areas within your business that they might be able to help with?

"From Simon's initial phone call he quickly helped us to identify some areas that that we might look at, in particular email and web filtering and also anti-virus. Email and web filtering had historically been an on premise solution which was proving to be an administrative chore in supporting the hardware. Simon introduced us to SaaS and was able to set up demonstrations and trials which culminated in us moving to this type of solution. Simon's knowledge and Data Connect being independent of the market meant that he was able to advise on products that suited our needs and budget".

What specific services are Data Connect providing to SYHA?

"We  now procure our web filtering and email filter solution through Data Connect, but also added anti-virus and endpoint security; two factor authentication and privileged user account management and auditing".

What positive results have you seen as a result of working with Data Connect?

"We've been working with Data Connect for over six years, so obviously there's an understanding of what SYHA's IT objectives and needs are. We benefit from getting up to date insight of what's happening in the market, which in turn helps us make better choices should we ever have to change or introduce new solutions. More importantly, Data Connect have proved invaluable at brokering solutions for us that represent value for money".

Russell Wright, Computer Services Manager, South Yorkshire Housing Association Limited.


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